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TrekPak™ Camera Case Divider System

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Camera Case Organization

You’ll be amazed at how much more gear you can get into your new camera case. These rigid panels form a precise grid of protection without wasting any space.

Just lay your gear in the camera case, measure and cut the divider sections and lock them in place with the steel U-pins. Reconfigure your dividers anytime with the extra divider material provided.

The Ultimate Camera Case

The results are impressive. Light, strong and almost impossible to tear or shred, these panels will keep your gear safe for years in your TrekPak camera case.

Pelican Products 1485TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1510TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1525TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1535TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1550TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1555TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1560TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1600TPtp camera case


Pelican Products 1610TPtp camera case


Pelican Products camera case trekpak waterproof cases

Padded Divider Camera Cases

Pelican Products usa made camera cases photography case

Secure Camera Storage

Pelican padded divider sets provide secure storage for your camera gear. These durable nylon and foam dividers are extremely versatile.

The compartments are connected with Velcro® so you can easily change the configuration according to your needs. They provide a perfect fit for camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and any other camera gear.

Padded Protection

Since 1976, Pelican cases have been protecting your sensitive equipment. Made in the USA, these tough camera cases are designed to travel the harshest environments on earth.

Pelican Products 1454WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1485WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1504WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1514WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1525WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1535WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1554WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1555WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1564WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1604WDwd camera case


Pelican Products 1614WDwd camera case


Pelican Products camera backpack and camera bags

Camera Backpack

Pelican Products photographer camera case backpacks

Portable Photo Studio

For the photographer on the go, Pelican has designed a full line of dedicated camera backpacks. Built with the same quality and durability as our camera cases, these backpacks protect your camera gear in all environments.

Camera Backpack Features

Pelican camera backpacks feature tripod attachment straps, waterproof cases for laptop storage, and padded compartments for camera gear storage. These compartments are customizable so you can make a custom fit for your cameras, lenses, and other gear.

Pelican Products S115 camera backpack with case

S115 Sport Elite Camera Pack

Pelican Products S130 camera backpack with case

S130 Sport Elite Camera Pack

Pelican Products U160 camera backpack with case

U160 Urban Elite Camera Pack

Pelican Products photographer camera backpacks and cases
Pelican Products Air Cases camera case
Pelican Products camera case and camera backpacks

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