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How to Extend the Life of Your Electronics

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We rely on our electronics for everything. We even use them to give us a hand in our latest home-improvement projects and to discover the US’s best spelunking spots. To keep your trusty gadgets in …

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Sports Photography: 8 Tips for Getting the Shot

Submitted by on November 16, 2012 – 6:35 amNo Comment

Fall is an ideal season for sports fans and sports photographers alike. Basketball, football and (hopefully) hockey provide ample opportunities to get a snapshot you’ll never forget. Here are a few photography tips to consider before simply pointing and clicking.

1. Use a High Shutter Speed

Athletes move fast. Use a shutter speed that’s at least 1/500th of a second to capture literal split second actions. A high shutter speed freezes your subjects movements and forever immortalizes a moment. Nothing ruins a great photo like blurred movement from a low shutter speed.

2. Eyes Capture Emotion

Emotion is one of the most important elements of sports photos. A great trick for conveying this emotion is to include the subject’s eyes in your shot. A simple glance into player’s eyes can convey the feeling of happiness, anger, despair, or even fright.

 3. Take Lots of Photos

Most of your photos won’t be very good. This is completely acceptable. Many professional photographers snap thousands of photos during the course of a game to hopefully get that one, game-changing shot. There are so many exhilarating moments during the course of a sporting event that your camera should be constantly clicking in an attempt to get the perfect shot.

4. Concentrate on the Best Player

Since there are so many exciting and tense moments during a game, you’re bound to miss many great photo opportunities. By concentrating on the team’s best player, you can increase your odds of capturing a pivotal moment. Great players let the game come to them and almost always step up when the game is on the line. Be there, camera in hand, when that moment comes.

5. Don’t Forget the Surroundings

So much happens during a game that photographers often make the mistake of completely ignoring the crowd. At times, the atmosphere can overshadow the game itself and the fans can play a serious role in its outcome. Snap a few pictures of eccentric fans and make sure to get a photo of the entire crowd.

6. Know the Sport

By having an understanding of the game, photographers can better anticipate the action and are prepared for plays that may catch others off-guard. If the game situation calls for a certain type of play, prepare for this in advance and take advantage of the opportunity.

7. Use a Low Angle

A low angle serves two purposes in sports photography. It allows the audience to see more of their surroundings and it exaggerates the importance of a player or a moment. It places the game on a stage and holds viewers’ attention much longer than a typical photograph.

8. Don’t Take These Rules Too Seriously

Some of the best sports photos are those that don’t follow a selected set of rules. Finding a unique angle or perspective can lead to an award winning shot. Rules are meant to be broken!

Photographs forever freeze moments in time. Bring a camera to the next sporting event you attend and try to capture a lifetime memory. Need more inspiration? Check out our “Sports Photography” Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

Every sports photographer needs a way to carry his or her equipment. The iM2300 Pelican Storm Case is the idea photography case. It’s water tight, lightweight and guaranteed for life. Make it your companion for home and away games.

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