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How to Extend the Life of Your Electronics

February 25, 2014 – 11:15 am No Comment

We rely on our electronics for everything. We even use them to give us a hand in our latest home-improvement projects and to discover the US’s best spelunking spots. To keep your trusty gadgets in …

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Top 10 Ways to be a Camping Pro

Submitted by on October 23, 2011 – 8:01 amNo Comment

Ah, the wilderness – fending off the land; living with the animals. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what camping is today, but our team wants to ensure that your trip is as authentic as possible all while being safe and prepared for anything that may come your way. To help get you ready for your next camping trip, we’re offering our top ten ways to be a camping pro.

Test out your tent before you leave home. Even an old tent could have an unexpected rip or be difficult to get put together. Take a few minutes at home to assemble your tent, ensuring that you have all the pieces and everything comes together smoothly. Also, check to make sure that it’s comfortable space-wise. Some tents may overestimate the number of people that can comfortably fit. We recommend 3 feet of space per person for the most comfortable sleep.

Be practical about choosing your campsite. Areas that are near water are going to have more insects than an area without a bubbling brook. Also, it is important to remember that generally, mornings are chilly. Therefore, set up camp in an area where the sun will hit you first thing in the morning in order to keep you the most warm.

Arrive early, giving yourself plenty of time to set up camp. There are a lot of things to do when setting up a campsite, so make sure you arrive early in the day, giving yourself plenty of time to set up your site before it gets too dark.

Make sure you wear the proper attire. The best rule of thumb is to come with three layers: an inner layer, consisting of shorts and a tee shirt, a mid-layer, like a fleece jacket or sweatshirt and an outer rain-proof layer in case the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Break in your new shoes before you go. Even if you aren’t going to be hiking, there is a possibility that the terrain around your campsite may be rough. Make sure you bring a pair of shoes that won’t hurt your feet and make it difficult for you to explore your temporary home.

Cook, eat, and store food (and drink) at least 100 feet away from your campsite. While this is more of a serious concern in areas where bears are common, it’s important to remember that even a raccoon’s presence isn’t going to be a pleasant way to wake up in the morning. To ensure that animals don’t smell food and come searching for it in your tent, keep all food-related activity at least 100 feet away from where you will be sleeping.

No fuel-fired stoves, lanterns, heaters or other appliances should be used inside a tent. The tent (and all your possessions) may catch on fire, and the fumes can be deadly. Instead, do the aforementioned activities outside of your temporary dwelling and bring a flashlight to help light your tent.

Bring essential items in a waterproof case. This includes lighters, matches, and toilet paper. None of them will work if they’re wet, and it could cause you a lot of trouble (or discomfort). To ensure that everything stays dry, take a minute to place everything inside your Pelican 1460 case before leaving home.

Drink sips of water all day long. You won’t know you’re dehydrated until it’s too late, so prevent the problem by sipping on water throughout the day. Dehydration can be one of the most dangerous situations you encounter while camping, so take every step possible to ensure everyone at your campsite is constantly hydrating during the trip.

Bring along activities that will keep everyone entertained. If it rains, you may be stuck in your tent. Or if it has rained recently, the trails may not be safe for hiking. Just to ensure that nobody is bored on the trip, bring along some activities (like cards, a football or a few books) to keep everyone entertained.

These are our favorite tips to help you prepare for a successful, fun camping trip. Leave us a comment below and let us know what your best camping tips are. What do you do to ensure you have a great time camping?

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