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The final step in our customization process is the application of an Advanced Case Solutions Authenticity mark. This guarantees that every installation, part, accessory and design feature within your Advanced Custom Case Solutions product not only meets your needs but also lives up to our own Mission Critical standards. Equipment failure is not an option. The use of other aftermarket services and accessories voids this authenticity and jeopardizes your mission success. It is our firm belief that to protect best, we must protect completely. Only authentic Pelican-Trimcast™ Advanced Case Solutions, quality controlled by our experienced engineering team from design through installation, can deliver Mission Critical guaranteed performance.
Coordinated Global System
Advanced Case Solutions demonstrate the optimization of our extensive capabilities. Only our award winning engineering, dedicated technical packaging specialists and highly experienced case dealers can coordinate with the largest selection of standard case sizes in the industry from multiple factory and design center locations. This integrated and responsive system seamlessly manages projects with the industry’s most agile, dependable and quality-controlled custom case development.
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Advanced Case Centers
Our innovative Advanced Case Centers exemplify our versatility as regional resources linking customers of every size with our full scope of capabilities.

– Regional design and fabrication
– Highly agile cross-trained teams
– Direct field and customer support
– Localized customer service
– Precision foam cutting
– Integration and kitting

Advanced Technical Sales Support
Technical packaging specialists at Pelican-Trimcast™ Advanced Case Center are the leading advisors in the field, with experience in origination through delivery for every scale program from multi-million dollar military projects to high-complexity, single-unit customizations.

– Factory trained technical sales team
– Dedicated major programs group
– Multi-disciplined core dealer network

Award-Winning Package Engineering
Indisputably the top packaging engineering in the industry, our teams include the innovators of packaging formulas, techniques and processes across every level of protective case development.

– Industry standard design team
– Experienced project management
– Significant mil-spec design capabilities
– Direct factory-to-customer support

Industry-Leading Manufacturing
Unmatched agility and responsiveness across multiple manufacturing facilities provides an advanced quality control and cohesive production process for quick turnarounds and on-time delivery.

– Multiple manufacturing sites
– Largest selection of injection and roto case sizes
– Extensive internal metal-working capabilities
– In-house test laboratory
– Government first article on-site approvals
– Extensive Government Contract administration