corner tl Pelican
Detailed Search
Superstorm Proof
I was out of town when 'Sandy' hit... (full story)
land cruiser
Intact After Massive Explosion
My team and I were first responders to a terrorist attack... (full story)
The Cell Phone Survived the Tsunami
Before I knew it, I was out helping to save boats... (full story)
The Horse Has A Lot To Say...
During a long trekking expedition in Zanskar and Ladakh... (full story)
Peli Cases Don't Get Seasick
I make long voyages... (full story)
The SabreLite allowed me to save another life
Some months ago, while at a fire... (full story)
cat chow
Pelican Cat-Chow
On a recent trip through Zimbabwe... (full story)
Seawater Surrounded Them For
Twelve Days

The back cabin had 20 cm of water... (full story)
So There Was This Block Of C-4
At this time the helicopter had been destroyed by two maverick missiles... (full story)
ice canoe
Crushed Ice – Optional
We chose the best gear that we could get our hands on... (full story)
land rover
Worry-free Luggage
We rolled down tumbling sideways... (full story)
no in flight
No In-flight Movie Offered
The plane hit with such force that it sheered... (full story)
9 Out Of 10 Camels Prefer Pelican
When you see one of your 1,200 pound pack camels rolling in the sand... (full story)
small investment
No In-flight Movie Offered
... the case had obviously been run over... (full story)
Extreme Combat Luggage
The explosion happened directly under my feet... (full story)
Man's Best Friend
As I emptied the water out of my canoe on the shore... (full story)
Sabrelite Down Under
This is how I got my Pelican Sabrelite 2000... (full story)